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* Refugee from Rootsweb. Archived posts: Hessen ( ) ; Prussia-Roots ( ) ; German-Kingdoms ( ) ; Trier-Roots ( ) ; Bavaria ( ) ; Bundesland ( ) * This is a combined group from former Rootsweb lists: Hesse, German-Kingdoms, Bavaria (including the Pfalz), Trier-Roots, Bundesland and Prussia-Roots * Family History and Genealogy research, queries, help, in English. * Covers all areas of today's Germany as well as old Germany's provinces including Prussia (Preussen), former provinces of Posen (Poznan), Pomerania (Pommern), East Prussia (Ostpreussen), West Prussia (Westpreussen), Silesia (Schlesien), anywhere where there were German colonies. Wikipedia ( ) * Meyers Gazetteer ( online search of localities ( ) ) PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE of your fellow list members.  Some folks are beginners at computers and some to genealogy.  The world is a better place when we are all patient with each other.  Personal attacks, criticism, or flaming are never permitted. HOW DO YOU POST?  Send an email to WHAT SHOULD YOU POST? 1. Questions about your ancestors.  Give as much detail as you can. 2. Interesting history that is relevant to the list. 3. Genealogy and family history conferences, even if they charge for admission. 4. Genealogy societies should feel free to post about their society and their websites. 5. Book reviews of genealogy books are reasonable to post.  A list of books is not, but sharing a good genealogy book you've found is a good idea. 6. Links to personal blogs that are about genealogy.  They can be your blog or another.  Even if the blog has ads, that is not a problem. 7. New collections on various genealogy sites that are relevant.  We don't want advertisements, but if you find an interesting collection on Ancestry, FamilySearch, Library of Congress, or some other site that has relevance to the list, let people know. WHAT SHOULD BE IN YOUR POST? 1. An informative but concise subject line. 2. How to use Hashtags ( ) 3. When replying to a previous message, be sure to check that the intended recipient's address is showing in the Send To box of your email BEFORE clicking on SEND. 4. Proofread and be sure you want your post public.  All posts go in the archives!
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  • Bavaria Genealogy and Family History
    Kingdom of Bavaria (Bayern) until 1918, Free State of Bavaria. Also spelled Baiern. Wikipedia (English) ( ) ( German/Deutsch ( ) ) ( French/Francais ( ) ) FamilySearch (,_Germany_Genealogy )
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  • Hanover (German spelling Hannover) Genealogy and Family History
    German spelling Hannover.  Today's Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) Wikipedia: Province of Hanover (1866-1918 (,_Germany_Genealogy ) / Kingdom of Hanover (1814-1866) ( ) / Electorate of Hanover ( ) (early to 1807) / part of Kingdom of Westphalia ( ) (1807-1813) / Free State of Prussia ( ) (1918-1947) Large Map of Hanover as it was in 1905 ( ) FamilySearch: Hanover (German Empire to 1945) (,_German_Empire_Genealogy ) / Lower Saxony ( ) (German Niedersachsen ( ) ) Archived Messages of Prussia-Roots ( ) / German Kingdoms ( ) / Bundesland ( ) Rootsweb mailing lists (accessible)
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  • German-genealogy-ENG | Hessen
    Duchy of Hessen, Province of Hessen-Cassel, and other areas within the Duchy of Hessen, even Rhenish Hessen that is now part of today's Rheinland-Pfalz
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  • German-genealogy-ENG | Mecklenburg
    Grand Duchies of Mecklenburg-Schwerin and Mecklenburg-Strelitz until 1934. United as one until after 1945, when the Soviets annexed western part of Pomerania (Pommern) to form Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
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  • Pfalz-Palatine Genealogy
    Pfalz in German, Palatine in English, a region between Baden, Rheinland and France prior to break up in 1947. Covers from earliest around 1600s. Became part of Bavaria (Bayern) On 14 April 1816 a treaty was signed between Austria and *Bavaria* , in which the various territorial changes were agreed on. According to Article 2 of the treaty, Emperor Francis I of Austria ceded various regions to King Maximilian I of *Bavaria*.  ( in English ) ( in German:
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  • German-genealogy-ENG | Pomerania-Pommern
    old province of Pomerania (spelled in German as Pommern), part of Kingdom of Prussia. After 1945, Pommern was split in half, with eastern part becoming part of Poland while western part became part of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
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  • German-genealogy-ENG | Prussia
    Prussia (Preussen), covering the provinces within the Kingdom of Prussia Hashtags can be used as appropriate
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  • German-genealogy-ENG | Rheinland
    Province of Prussia (Preussen)
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  • German-genealogy-ENG | Saxony
    also known as Sachsen, not to be confused with today's Niedersachsen (aka Lower Saxony)
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