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Peggy Seidler

Here you go


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Hi guys -
If anyone on this list has a subscription to, and would be kind enough to look up an obituary for me and send me a copy, it would be very much appreciated.  Ancestry tells me there was an obituary  for HARRY HUNTINGTON MOORE, 82, who died  about  1932 (?), and for whom an obit. appeared in an unnamed N.J. newspaper on 8 November, 1932. Possibly the newspaper was the Courier-News, but I'm not sure.  The only other info in the Ancestry hit was he was born ca.1850 in NYC, survived by wife Amelia and son Herbert W. Moore.  His residence place was Plainfields, N.J.(sic), his residence address was 1163 Martine Avenue, and the obituary place was Bridgewater,  N.J.  His parents were John Wilson Moore and Alaria Moore.

I hope some kind soul can find this need-needed obit for me.  Thank you so much.    Madeline

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