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Thanks for those links! I shall pursue my brick wall research of the Luschwitz family in what was South West Prussia (Breslau) and surrounds! My ancestor emigrated to India and was a bandmaster and director of music! He played violin in Strauss’ band! Served in the 2nd Balouchi regiment in 1869 and the Kings Own Regiment in 1871-72 in India as Bandmaster. None of the current family know much about his history in that area. 

I guess In the current climate no physical research can be undertaken.

Best wishes 

Kerry Edwards 
Canberra, Australia

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Thank you, David.    I appreciate the new information.   This is very helpful.


In the interim since I posted this,  I have made connections with a distant cousin living in Germany who is going to the Archiv on my behalf.

My understanding is that the Archiv now has some special rules for visiting related to the Coronavirus.     Some of the Munster Archiv collection is viewable online.


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G’day Steve


I missed your original post.  There’s the Association of German Speaking Professional Genealogists:

< >


And there’s also the American based Association of Professional Genealogists which has members in Germany.

< >


Over the years, I used the services of members of both associations with good results.


Happy hunting


David Armstrong



Western Australia



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I want to know if anyone has any experience with Münster Archiv


I want to learn best practice for gaining access to those documents.   I have worked with other Archiv in Germany and wanted to see if anyone has personal experience with Münster Archiv.


Do you know if they will scan the documents and send to me?    Do they require you from America to use a German genealogist from an approved list that they have?   Then, they will allow that Researcher to schedule a time to look at the Documents.

If so, can anyone recommend a researcher for the Münster Archiv?


I sincerely appreciate any help someone can provide.   


Best Wishes,





Steve Frank

Tiffin, Ohio


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