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Yes, I signed the petition.  Thank you for letting us know . . . . records in the US show that one of my husband's ancestors may have come from Bamberg or some town with similar spelling/pronounciation, so I would love to see those records.  

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Thanks, Madeline
I’ve just done it too – in English, though probably should have done it in German! A great idea, perhaps there are others we can also petition. After all for most of us, we cannot easily access these records.
Kind regards
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Subject: Re: [German-genealogy-ENG] REGENSBURG Cath. Archives PETITION
Done and very simple.  Thank you for letting us know.  Perhaps we'll be lucky and they will listen.  Daniela
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Hello all -

Today I received (via the Franken list), an online Petition requesting that the Cath. archives in Regensburg, Bavaria digitize their microfilmed churchbooks and make them available to everyone online free.  It's getting overwhelming support, and I hope you all will sign it as I have.  These records were supposed to be online years ago, and there has been no movement from Regensburg, Bamberg or Wurzburg, etc.  Perhaps this will light a fire under them.  It will also preserve these valuable records survive in the event of a fire or other natural disaster.  Please do your part and sign the petition which is also available in English. 

Here is the link:

Heidi Hennig Arno

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