Re: "prefixes" uffr and uffm in marriage records #Rheinland


I found this book about the Pennsylvania Dutch Language.  It may help with other unusual words that are specific to a particular dialect.

Diminutives in Pennsylvania Germans (PG). and Suabian are made with-li; both use 'des' for das, 'uffm' for auf dem, 'biirǝ' for birnen, 'g'hat' or 'kat' for gehabt, 'suu˛' for sohn, 'schoof' for schâf, 'Schwop' for Schwâbe, 'als' for alles, and 'as' for als.

And 'uffr' would be ‘auf der’.

Someone was asking about Pennsylvania germans and this book talks about them also:


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