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Hello Everyone,
There still seems to be some confusion about how hashtags help and how to use them.  I've written up some info that will hopefully shed some light on the subject.  
If you have further questions, please feel free to respond to me only.  I'll collect the new info and send an update to all, so everyone doesn't get barraged with this topic.

About Hashtags
Hashtags have been set up for each region in today's Germany as well as old Germany's provinces and colonies (prior to 1947). Messages to the group may be assigned Up to 5 hashtags to identify the region(s) involved in the message. 
What Hashtags Can Do for You:
- you can indicate the region you are researching. 
- you can search on posts relating to a specific hashtag (see below).
- you can mute hashtags that you are not interested in and you will not see emails with those hashtags (see below).
- you can introduce yourself to the group by including hashtag #intro in the subject line of a message that describes your interests and ancestry questions. Example subject line: “My name is Mark #intro"
To set Hashtag on a Message:
Hashtags are set by including them in the subject line of a message. The subject line should include the family name(s) and the pertinent hashtag(s) (up to 5) that you are interested in. Hashtags should be placed at the end of the subject line. Example subject line: “Family Falkenberg Prior to 1890 #westprussia”.  or more concisely "Falkenberg Prior to 1890 #westprussia”.  By putting the hashtag on the subject line, people not interested in those regions will not even get the message. By putting the family name(s) on the subject line, people can easily disregard the message without having to open it and read it.
To Search on a Particular Hashtag:
Hashtags can be searched on to easily find all messages tagged with it. You may search on any active hashtag, muted or not.
1. log into
2. on left select “# Hashtags"
3. for each region that you are interested in, click in the large box surrounding it.
1. log into
2. on left select “Messages"
3. Select the desired region from the light blue “# Hashtags” drop down menu at the top of the list of messages.
To configure the hashtags you are interested and those you wish to mute:
Hashtags act as a filter for which email you receive from the group. You will only receive emails of messages with hashtags you have not muted. If a message has only hashtags you have muted, it will not be sent to you. You may still search on muted hashtags (see above).
1. log into
2. on left select “# Hashtags"
3. for each region that you are not interested in, click “Mute” then set the preferred Duration and click the blue ”+ Mute” button. 

So, please include hashtag(s) on your subject line and the family name if message about that family.  If it's a message of general interest, you can eliminate family or hashtags as you wish.

Happy hunting!

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