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Pat McCoy

One of my German ancestors has the family
name of MUELLER and it became Americanized
to Miller through the generations.

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On Wednesday, August 26, 2020, 07:40:55 PM EDT, James Groce <jamesdgroce@...> wrote:

Here in the North Carolina, Kentucky, and Tennessee states – my families GROSS, HUTZ, SCHUR, and LANG became Groce, Hoots, Shore, and Long.


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My maiden name was Stroemer (STRÖMER) pronounced as Stray-mer.  My first name and middle is Kathleen Sue.  When I was a child, I told everyone my name was Kathy Soup Strainer! :-)



On 8/26/2020 4:09 PM, Sherri Brakenhoff wrote:

Yes, I totally agree about being tired of correcting people. My mother even said Mule-er when meeting someone new, just so they would spell it correctly.


Funny story: I have friends in California whose last name is Miller. They purchased something in Europe to have sent to their home, specifically repeating their last name was spelled Miller. It came addressed to them as Mueller. Haha.


I love how names have evolved and changed over the years. I always smile when I hear people say they’re not related because their name is spelled differently.


Sherri Brakenhoff






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