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Ann Thornton

Hi David,

I have attached the actual record for you from Ancestry since I have Ancestry and a computer at home.  Hope that helps!

I don't read this mail list daily and when I do read it, requests have usually been filled by then, so I am glad I could help for once!


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Good pick up Mary...was able to find and send as an attachment...
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I found one record for a Claus Hinrich Gottleib Schütt, born: about 1817 (age at death: 57), died: 10/10/18 Stellingen, Hamburg, Deutschland (Germany), Civil Registration Office: Stellingen, Certificate Number: 2, Reference:332-5-8385.

Unfortunately, I don't have a computer at home, I can't click on "View" and make a screenshot of the document in German on my phone (I get a black screen). It's 10 pm in Texas, so the library is obviously closed. I won't be able to get to the library for 12 hours. If someone else with Ancestry reads this maybe they can get a screenshot of the document for you.
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Subject: [German-genealogy-ENG] Claus Hinrich Schütt in Hamburg

G’day everyone


Unfortunately, I haven’t access to Ancestry thanks to my local LDS library closing in March because of the Wuhan virus. 


However, I’ve going through some German BDM certificates that I had stored on a thumb-drive.  One of them is a 1941 Hamburg death certificate for Emma Margaretha Maria geb. Schütt who was born in 1865 in Hinschenfelde (Hamburg-Wandsbek).  The death certificate lists her parents as being


Claus Hinrich Schütt, and

Anna Catharina geb. Timm


“beide zuletzt wohnhaft in Hamburg”.


If Emma was born in 1865, then her father Claus is likely to have been born between 1820 and 1845, and I have a Claus Hinrich Schmidt born ca. 1827 according to the 1835 and 1840 census of the parish of Zarpen near Lübeck.


Could someone who has access to Ancestry please have a look and see if there is a death recorded post-1865 in Hamburg for Claus Hinrich Schütt?  I’m particularly interested in his age and parentage.




David Armstrong



Western Australia






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