Ticketing to the US


I have been searching for my ancestors in the Castle Garden digitized ship records at familysearch.org. A friend found my ancestors in a Hamburg ship record. The record stated that the family traveled on the ship Minerva which departed Hamburg on May 10, 1872. It was headed to New York via Liverpool first after Hull according to the record. So my question is, when a person bought a ticket in Hamburg and the ship records indicates the went from Hamburg to Hull to Liverpool, were all those included in the ticket or could the family have taken a different route when the got to Hull or Liverpool? I don't remember seeing passenger lists in the Castle Garden records that say any ships left from Hull. I have been going through the ones that say the ship left from Liverpool. I have gone through the ship records through June 24, 1872 and have still not found them. I will continue but thought I'd ask the question here and see if I need to go back through the records again. Thanks to everyone who responded to my last question about this.

Penny Vanderhyden

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