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  #Baden (13 Topics) - Duchy, never was part of Kingdom of Prussia, became a member of the German Empire (1870-1918).  
  #Bavaria (31 Topics) - Also known as Bayern and spelled often as Baiern in some of old American records  
  #Bayern #Bavaria  
  #Berlin (7 Topics)  
  #Birkenfeld (1 Topic) - For history prior to 1815, see and from 1815, part of Grand Duchy of Oldenburg, see  
  #Bohemia (1 Topic) - German speaking portion of today's Czechia  
  #Brandenburg (10 Topics) - Province of Kingdom of Prussia.  
  #East #EastPrussia  
  #EastPrussia (10 Topics) - Also known as Ostpreussen, now part of Poland, Lithuania and Russia  
  #Emigration (3 Topics) - Emigration from the German regions  
  #Hamburg (2 Topics) - Independent City of Hamburg plus Bremerhaven  
  #Hannover (19 Topics) - Province of Hannover, which is today's Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony)  
  #Hanover #Hannover  
  #hesse #Hessen  
  #Hessen (33 Topics) - The territory of Hesse was delineated only in 1945, as Greater Hesse, under American occupation. It corresponds only loosely to the medieval Landgraviate of Hesse. In the 19th century, prior to the unification of Germany, the territory of what is now Hesse comprised the territories of Grand Duchy of Hesse, the Duchy of Nassau, the free city of Frankfurt and the Electorate of Hesse (also known as Hesse-Cassel).  
  #intro (7 Topics)  
  #Lothringen (2 Topics) - In english, Lorraine  
  #Mecklenburg (12 Topics) - northeast part of Germany, just to west of today's Poland coast  
  #Palatinate (4 Topics) - also known as Rhenish Bavaria, as described  
  #Pomerania (21 Topics) - German spelling - Pommern, now split in Germany and Poland